Bizarre Experts Are No Accident


So, by converting to a free market formula for news and giving up any responsibility to the public, we have the opportunity for a representative democracy in which a majority of the population believe nonsense, in which science is ridiculed, conspiracy theories treated as legitimate news and demogogary elevated to an art form.

Testing Madness


Testing Madness Students attending Holyoke public schools have their test scores posted in their classrooms on the walls. (See the article at the bottom of the essay.) “Under Dr. Paez’ direction, teachers […]

The Three Percent!


The Three Percent! Spare me your “femvertising”: The advertising industry’s weird, persistent woman problem – Recently, at New York’s Advertising Week, a hedonistic celebration of all things commercial, a half dozen […]



Pink-Washing NFL marketing using breast cancer as a tactic is bad business ethics and blatant hypocrisy. It’s bad business ethics because there is so little money actually given in relation to the […]

Are Corporations an Achilles Heel?


Or we could demand and establish by law a responsibility to act in concert to act as patriotic citizens on all American corporations and fully prevent them from moving to other nations to escape the obligations of American citizens. After all a corporation, is created by the state and its benefits depend on state protection. While many find the idea of corporate personhood persuasive, I do not. But in any case, they don’t have human mobility and thus their geographic presence can be regulated in a way that human movement cannot.


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