Power From Below!

Power from Below

Power From Below! From the Guardian Newspaper. Swaziland’s royal family have long kept their distance from the paparazzi in a way British royals can only dream about. Not any more, thanks to […]

A Comment from “Why We Are Screwed”


I spent the last number of years working in an area of science/engineering consulting. Most recently, I had to deal with harassment, wherein I was the unfortunate recipient of an inappropriate sexual remark made by a male coworker, who was attempting to mock and disrespect me. I subsequently left this position because of this and many other reasons; either way, I did not want to continue working in that type of environment and I’ve now been unemployed for many months.

Bankrupt in Thought ?

Bankrupt in Thought

Bankrupt in Thought San Bernardino blues: Bankrupt city flailing amid financial overhaul | Al Jazeera America What the city will spend money on is a new redevelopment guru to attract business investment […]

President Obama is Killing Net Neutrality


The President said many times during the 2008 campaign that he was in favor of net neutrality, sometimes with great emphasis.

It is a trite phrase to say “Actions speak louder than words.” I believe the current phrasing is “He can talk the talk but can he walk the walk.”

Yes, Obama said the wonderful words, very important to me, a regular blogger who didn’t want his work placed on the slow lane.

But when it came time for action, he appointed Tom Wheeler as Chairman of the FCC.


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