Earn Thousands At Home – Set Up Your Own Internet Company – Oh, Good Grief, You’d Think This One Would Get Old!

But it doesn’t and people still wind up losing thousands of dollars and sometimes, their life savings. I am including a video explaining one of the basic internet offers. It has two of the basic elements of these kinds of deals. First, it is a retiree. The elderly are a favorite target. They tend to have savings or equity in a home. They are often lonely. Their children have moved away. Their friends have gone to retirement homes or just can’t get around. The second element (one that as a business law teacher drives me crazy), he didn’t read the contract. Basic Rule. Read the contract, okay!!

It’s nice non-boring professional newscast video a little more than four minutes long. It has a lot of useful information and I know something about scams.

3 thoughts on “Earn Thousands At Home – Set Up Your Own Internet Company – Oh, Good Grief, You’d Think This One Would Get Old!

  1. Andrew

    Where there is desperation and the hope of reaping huge benefit with minimal effort, there will be scam artists there to pray on those feelings. Unfortunately, this is nothing new.

    I grew up in a small town right outside of Augusta, GA. On the other side of Augusta was (still is) a community of gypsies who still rip off anyone they can get their claws on. Every year, all of the men and some of the women pack up and travel from town to town. In each town, they will go door to door advertising a particular service. A favorite of theirs is gutter cleaning and/or replacement. They will target the elderly and tell them that their gutters need to be replaced and they can do it “cheaper than the competition”. They will take several hundred dollars from these old people and instead of actually replacing the gutters, they will spend a few hours taking them down, cleaning them out a little and making them look new, and putting the same old gutters back up.

    That is an example of one of their less sinister scams. They get much worse. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is!


  2. I teach that particular scam in business law when we get to construction contracts but instead of gypsies I use the “tinkers.” These are generations of Irish who make their living doing these kinds of things. Strangely, after I had been teaching this for a time, a film appeared from the 1950’s with Forest Tucker (F Troop) that involved the Tinkers.
    Anyway, I like your comment and would like to post it. What do you think?


  3. Andrew

    Our gypsies are Irish as well. It could be two different sects of the same group of people. You are more than welcome to use any comment I post on your blog (past, present, and future) in whatever way you want!


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