Givers and Takers (via noshtradamus)

I’ve been writing extensively and intensively about the mortgage foreclosure crisis. I continually draw comparisons between the families losing their homes and the foreclosure industry in terms of their ethics. (I don’t believe that the foreclosure industry could recognize an ethical dilemma if it hit them across the nose with an aluminum baseball bat.)
So, I found this article by the blogger who goes by the alias of “Noshtradamus.”

I think a discussion of givers and takers is appropriate for my blog just now.

Good writing.

James Pilant

Givers and Takers In life there are two broad kind of people: Givers, and Takers. And you will come across them in both your personal and professional lives. While this is the obvious/visible definition/observation, you will find there are two subsets to these as well – kind of like wolves in sheep's clothing, and also sheep in wolves clothing. What? Yes, allow me to elaborate. First with the two main types: The Givers: People who do things for other people. Provi … Read More

via noshtradamus

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