PART FOUR ! Bankers Sometimes Commit Financial Crimes And Get Away With It – Now They Can Run Over People On Bicycles Too!

There is a web site called Abandon Your Car. It extols the virtues of using bicycles instead of automobiles.

Now, if you have the sad tale of the doctor on the bicycle being run over by the banker with the 2010 Mercedes, you may be outraged.

Trust me, you are not as mad as these guys!

From the web site

Q: when is felony hit-and-run only a misdemeanor?
A: when a wealthy perp commits the crime in Vail
without a doubt, one of the most disturbing, and indeed digusting, miscarriages of justice in my recent memory is being played out a few short kilometers away in Eagle county, Colorado.
it seems that if you are sufficiently wealthy, you can escape felony hit-and-run charges after leaving a cyclist for dead and driving away from the scene of the accident- simple as that, and Eagle county prosecutor Mark Hulbert will be there to get your back.

This is the first paragraph. Now we’re going to work up some steam!

and again, i would like to point out that it doesn’t matter one bit if the motorist has hit a cyclist, pedestrian, skateboarder, homeless guy or any other person or pet out on the public roadways.
if the motorist leaves the scene, is drunk, drugged, impaired by cell phone usage or texting, or anything else for that matter, they should face the harshest possible penalties for their cowardly actions… no exemptions for wealth, social status, etc. will be considered.

being counted amongst the fabulously wealthy “1/2 of the top 1 percenters” does not buy a get “out of jail free card” from the consequences of committing a crime, no matter how rich and powerful the perpetrator is.

Eagle county D.A. Mark Hurlburt should be dis-barred. his actions are questionable and unethical, to name a few. to this outside observer, the whole thing reeks of a pay-off. i honestly hope that isn’t the case, but what is a person to think, given the shennannigans at the D.A.’s office surrounding this case?

This is anger.

The post concludes with (get this) Martin Erzinger’s email address, That’s right. The accused perp is vulnerable to personal e-mailing.

In conclusion, the significant undoubted popular but not extremely popular web site, Abandon Your Car, is now very, very popular. This is what they have to say about this change –

before i get all fat headed about my newfound celebrity status and find myself with a real bad case of “Vail sunburn” (as they now call it down there in texas where this poor, traumatized skier is from) i would like to take a moment to welcome all of the thousands of new readers from around the world to ABANDON YOUR CAR, and shout out a hearty “ALLEZ! ALLEZ!” to our new followers as well.

whatever the heck “ALLEZ! ALLEZ!” is supposed to mean.

I give a hearty well done to the writers at Abandon Your Car.