Кто враги народа Ирландии?: Who are Ireland’s Enemies? (via homophilosophicus) [1]

Homophilosophicus has given me permission to blog all of his posts during the crisis. He lives in Ireland and is taking part in the demonstrations against the government austerity measures and loan guarantees to the European Union. I’ve gone back to the beginning of the crisis which by his blog would be the 30th. So, I’ll reblog all of them in order. For convenience sake, I’m going to number them. This is more for me than you. I want to get these up in the exact order.

James Pilant

Кто враги народа Ирландии?: Who are Ireland's Enemies? Certain schools of Iranian Islamic political discourse have labelled the United States of America as the ‘Great Satan;’ speaking more of the taut political relationship between the Islamic World and the United States than any spiritual reality. Europeans have their own mistrust of matters transatlantic; betraying Europe’s deep-seated jealously of the prosperity of the America’s republican project, which is often manifested in either yankenfreude, … Read More

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