What Should We Do for the Economy? Fix the Mistake – What Mistake? (via Realizing A Better World)

Luke H. Lee has a slide presentation explaining his solution to the current economic crisis. This is slide four of an eight slide presentation. I recommend you go have a look at the entire set.

Go here for all of the slides.

James Pilant

Why Business Is Hollywood’s Go-To Villain, Especially Now (via BNET)

BNET has an interesting essay complete with clips about the corporation as the villian of choice. It’s a fun read and the film clips alone are enough reason to view the article.

James Pilant

Corporations and their leaders are seldom cast as movie heroes.

But in the movies of 2010, whether you were at the multiplex or the art house, the go-to bad guy was the American corporation.

Even the adorable Despicable Me has super villains who need to finance their nefarious schemes and pay a visit to the Bank of Evil, or, as the posted sign indicates, the former Lehman Brothers. From Tron: Legacy to Inception, the choice of evildoer was so consistent it was a relief …. Read More.

January 2011 Update of THE GREAT DEPRESSION of DEBT (via Wbrussee’s Weblog)

Warren Brussee is a book author and has a detailed plan to fix our economic problems. I don’t agree with everything in it but there is a lot I like. He’s an intruiguing author who has thought seriously about these topics. I’d like you to read his blog post and maybe even buy his book.

James Pilant

“The Great Depression of Debt” is a hardcover updated edition of “The Second Great Depression, Starting 2007, Ending 2020.”  “The Great Depression of Debt” can be purchased at most bookstores or at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Great-Depression-Debt-Survival-Techniques/dp/0470423714 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! WHAT ENDED THE FIRST GREAT DEPRESSION? A quick review on what happened during 1930 to 1945.  In trying to fight the depression, our count … Read More

via Wbrussee's Weblog