Should Photographing Chickens Be a Felony? (via A Philosopher’s Blog)

You have got to read this!

Apparently chicken farming will soon cease to exist if people photograph the conditions on the farms. That sound more to me like a reason to think something must be very, very wrong. If the big guns are out to stop the photographic truth of chicken farming, what are we not seeing that they are afraid of?

I don’t like this.

I want to express great appreciation to “A Philosopher’s Blog” for calling my attention to this!

James Pilant

Should Photographing Chickens Be a Felony? I stumbled across SB 1246 by chance rather than design, but I did find it a rather interesting bit of legislation. Trespassing onto a farm will result in a felony charge. Taking pictures at a farm without permission will also result in a felony charge. Lest you think I am making this up, I have pasted in the full text: Florida Senate – 2011 SB 1246    By Senato … Read More

via A Philosopher’s Blog