Emmanuel Tchividjian’s Insights on Questionable Connections

Emmanuel Tchividjian

Mr. Tchividjian’s writes about the American government’s association with Colonel Muhammar Qaddafi which as you are probably aware has not turned out well. As the author says, the implications of having the wrong associations is also true for business and friends. I have excerpted his recommended rules below.

From the Ruder Finn Ethics Blog written by Emmanuel Tchividjian.

Where do we draw the line between an association we can tolerate and one we can’t, and what are the criteria that will determine our decision?

Let me list some ideas. We should:

1.     Make sure we make a distinction between hearsay and facts. We have to be reasonably sure that the information we have is accurate.

2.     Be aware that bad associations taint us, causing damage to our own reputation and may, in some cases, make us an accomplice to a crime.

3.     Ask ourselves whether by our association we are somehow enabling the individual in question in pursuing the precise behavior we disapprove of?

4.      Be aware there may be a cost to our refusal to associate ourselves with certain individuals or organizations and be ready to pay for that cost.

5.     Remember that ultimately it is our decision to make and that we may have more options than we think. I never like to hear the sentence “we had no other choices” because most to the time we do.

Here’s a link to the full article –

Questionable Connections by Emmanuel Tchividjian from the site, Ruder Finn Ethics Blog

America is confronted once again with the near demise of a head of state with which we had established a diplomatic relationship: Colonel Muhammar Qaddafi, who by all accounts is a brutal dictator. American foreign policy has a long history of associating with questionable characters and brutal dictators such … Read More

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His work is always good. I recommend you add this ethics blog to your favorites.

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