Fraudulent Threats – By Foreclosure Lawyers (via byebyebanksters)

Isn’t this nice!? Enclose legal appearing documents indicating that a case has been filed to encourage you to pay up.

This is disgusting.

What makes it worse is that the state bar association decided it was an “honest” mistake. I often defend lawyers while teaching my classes. I point out that without attorneys, enforceable contracts would not be possible, that the weak and helpless would have no recourse. And here to make my job easier is a bar association with the all the moral fervor of card cheat giving the strong implication that the bar is an organized band of thieves.

Just great.

James Pilant

Fraudulent Threats – By Foreclosure Lawyers The Tampa Tribune has a fascinating yet sickening story about a lawyer for BB&T who sent a Florida homeowner a demand letter requiring payment of the balance of her mortgage within 30 days.  Threatening letters like this are common; where this one is so different is that the lawyer attached it to a document that looks like an official court filing in a pending foreclosure lawsuit … only it’s not.Take a look …At first blush, this looks like a … Read More

via byebyebanksters