Lovesick Indian man beheads woman at her school (via CBS News) James Pilant–I AM UNHAPPY WITH THIS!

This is disgusting. India is in the middle of an anti-corruption campaign that may well change the course of world history and the American press is dealing with the news of the strange. India has 1.4 billion people in it and CBS news publishes a story that has the distinct implication of a nation of bizarre beliefs and primitive conduct.

Compare the conduct of the millions of reformers who are saying, “Corruption is damaging our society, we have had enough.” And compare it to American passivity in response the disastrous 2008 financial crisis where not a single person has been brought to trial.

One key difference between a “primitive” society and a modern one might well be stated as a concern and committment to justice. Under that measurement, who is primitive and who is modern between the United States and India?

A press, a media, with a concern for human understanding and civility would not print this scandalous garbage and, perhaps, discuss the wikileaks revelations concerning the nuclear treaty between the United States and India, discuss anything that smacks of intelligence and human reason.

A little respect might be a policy that the press should consider.

James Pilant

There will be no link to this CBS News post on my web site. I want no one to read it anywhere on this planet.


3 thoughts on “Lovesick Indian man beheads woman at her school (via CBS News) James Pilant–I AM UNHAPPY WITH THIS!

  1. jon silverstein

    James…you’re over reacting. It’s a tragic incident that could of happened anywhere in the world. It’s a news story. Hardly think it’s going to derail India’s “great” anti-corruption campaign.


    1. I forget to mention that the lack of prosecutions in the 2008 meltdown is historically unprecedented. There have been situations in which charges were brought but had no effect, but the accused lost their reputations and status in the community. Our perps have returned to a public guaranteed trough of billions of dollars. Even the Indians are no so passive in the face of massive wrong doing.
      James Pilant


  2. About the same time as the Fukushima meltdown, Wikileaks released diplomatic cables showing that State Department officials had personally witnessed chests of cash to be distributed to legislators to confirm the U.S.- India nuclear deal. It has been front page news in India for weeks. The anti-corruption effort would never have gained the power it has without those cables.
    I have never seen these cables mentioned in the American press, NEVER.
    We can’t talk about one of the most vital news stories in the world but with no difficuly a beheading makes front page on CBS news?
    You bet I’m angry. This is deliberate policy not accident. You simply cannot read Indian newspapers, blogs or watch any of their news without seeing this story. This is suppression of news embarassing to the United States and I don’t get it. Everybody knows except the Americans. I don’t know how that helps except making Americans uninformed and always surprised when other nations have issues with us.
    James Pilant


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