Dutch unease about society “understandable” (via Radio Netherlands International)

So it is not just us.

From the article

“Cohesion in towns and villages has disappeared with the advent of individualisation, immigrants from around the world and an increasingly complex society,” said Mr Verhagen, leader of the Christian Democrats, junior partners in the Dutch coalition government. “It is no longer taken for granted that our children will have it better than we did.”

Cohesion is disappearing. I have been noticing for some years now that things as simple as common experiences are disappearing. When I try to use a movie as an example in class, only the biggest blockbusters will have been seen and, even then, often by less than half the class. Our culture seems to be fragmenting into individual units almost all of them focused on the personal and the trivial.

James Pilant

One thought on “Dutch unease about society “understandable” (via Radio Netherlands International)

  1. James:

    All I can say is welcome to the real world, the Netherlands. Where have you been for the past 20-30 years? We in the US are a multicultural society. The challenge is to find common ground, shared values, and gain respect for each other. I am somewhat surprised that in pluralistic Europe with lots of immigrants this issue is now first arising. Perhaps it has been masked by other factors. Rather than seemingly bemoan the fact that there are different strokes for different folks, I think the Dutch should try and understand what makes each citizen in their great country different and develop a political response that is inclusive.


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