Unethical practices – hall-mark of failed organisations (via Corporate Thinking)

“There is no charity more beloved to God than speaking the truth.”

An Islamic point of view in regard to the Murdoch scandals is here presented. I really liked it. Today, it would appear that appreciating the thought of other cultures and practicing tolerance toward them can result in a sentence of death from a right wing vigilante. Appreciation is merited by the followers of Islam and tolerance a hallmark of Western Civilization, perhaps more the ideal of Christian Civilization.

James Pilant

Lies, bribes, deception and cover-ups are hall-marks of many failed organisations. Unethical behaviour at the leadership level leads to breakdown of trust with shareholders, government and the public – Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation found this out the hard way when Internet and phone hacking by its employees hit the headlines this month. Conrad Black of Hollinger Intl., Bernard Ebbers of WorldCom, Dennis Kozlowski of Tyco, Sanjay Kumar of Comp … Read More

via Corporate Thinking

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