Samuel Adams—To Richard Henry Lee (January 15, 1781) (via Democratic Thinker)

This is a letter from Samuel Adams to Richard Henry Lee. These were two giants of the American Revolution. I am fond of American history and believe that we have much to learn from the ideas and actions of the founders (although I firmly believe it can be overdone).

This is an interesting letter. It has some observations I find compelling. Please have a look.

James Pilant

Samuel Adams—To Richard Henry Lee (January 15, 1781) American Correspondence     In 1781, while the war was still uncertain, Samuel Adams writes to his good friend and fellow patriot encouraging him to help inattentive citizens return to the first principles of liberty. It would be indeed alarming, if the United States should ever entrust the Ship in which our all is at Stake, with inexperiencd or unprincipled Pilots. Our Cause is surely too interesting to Mankind, to be put under the Dir … Read More

via Democratic Thinker