Ethics: it’s tough even to give it away (via Ethics Bob)

Ethics Bob

This essay has an important observation. Ethics is more than discussing obeying the rules or even the laws. Ethics is a philosophy by which we guide our actions. When we discuss the subject only in terms of rule breaking we bring to mind the picture of the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike. We are only plugging holes and not dealing with the wider issue of the behavior should be.

James Pilant

Ethics: it’s tough even to give it away Everybody talks about ethics but it seems nobody cares about it. The “ethics” talk is all about rules: bribery, conflict of interest, financial disclosure laws, nepotism, and the rest of the litany of rules of conduct that you can be fired or prosecuted for breaking. If you subscribe to a Google alert for “ethics” you learned today that a key aide to the governor of Illinois was fined $500 and forced to resign for sending a campaign email on his … Read More

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