The Modern Face of Evil (via The Compulsive Explainer)

I’m a big fan of Iniside Job and apparently so is this gentleman. I agree with his remarks. I too believe that the instigators of this calamity were evil, not misguided, not just skirting the edge of legality, but evil.

I hope people like this embrace the concept of evil as a explanation for actions taken for unimaginable greed. This is a difficult time to live in. But one of the reasons we live in difficult times is because it was arranged that way. People were not held accountable for their own actions. Banking institutions did not suffer the results of their mistakes. Thus we have the a country where the free market is cited for every problem and in spite of that a tax supported, profit guaranteed, financial industry with the morals of a rabid dog was protected from it. If you use the mantra of the free market to discourage regulation, you shouldn’t be able to turn around and get taxpayer money.

This is a good post. My thanks to The Compulsive Explainer.

James Pilant

I am watching the movie Inside Job, and I am learning from it. I am watching the handful of guys who wrecked the world’s economy profess to be innocent as lambs. What I couldn’t see was the millions of people who let them get away with it. The modern face of evil is helplessness in the face of power – and people who are only interested in themselves. People who have lost the ability to be good – or to care for others. People who have ceased to ex … Read More

via The Compulsive Explainer

Bank Bailout Estimated Cost: 14 Trillion +


Bank Bailout Estimated Cost: 14 Trillion +

According to a report by Nomi Prins and Krisztina Ugrin, the money paid out to save the banking industry is currently 14 trillion dollars while the money paid out in the stimulus and other responses to the economic crisis total almost 2 trillion dollars. So, the banking industry gets 14 trillion and regular Americans get a little less than 2 trillion scattered over hundreds of programs. Did you know that we can pay off every sub prime mortgage in the United States for 1.4 trillion? Did you know that our total exposure as a nation under the bank bailout could run as high as 23.7 trillion?
Are you feeling uncomfortable yet?