Ethics & Blog Purpose (via Backtrack 4 R2 How-to Blog 4 Noob’s)

This is a code of ethics for blogging. I like it. It is also a code of purpose.

Some might make fun of codes of ethics. I make fun of bad ones or ones not being followed. And I have a good time doing it. But I still like them. Aren’t the religions of Christianity and Buddhism in a way codes of ethics?

Codes of ethics are one way to spread the word about what is or is not acceptable conduct.

So, read and enjoy.

James Pilant

Purpose To educate myself and others about the weaknesses of computers and networks To provide a resource for myself and others on how to create a more secure computer, networking environment, and internet use For myself and others to be able to use this information to better protect themselves from spammers, bad hackers, and destructive people To create and maintain the information in this blog to be as accurate and user friendly as possible in … Read More

via Backtrack 4 R2 How-to Blog 4 Noob’s