Questioning Authority in Fukushima (via Jim Grisanzio)

I try to comment for a few paragraphs at least on each post but this writer has an edge I admire. He’s got this story nailed. Please read.

James Pilant

Questioning Authority in Fukushima It’s good to see Fukushima citizens pummel Japanese government officials on the idiotic decision to increase acceptable levels of radiation for children — 20 times the previously permissible standard! That’s according to the New York Times today (link below). It’s just a stunning display of contempt for the health and well being of the people on the part of the government. The video link below from a few weeks ago is most interesting, though. Yo … Read More

via Jim Grisanzio

New Video From Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Shows Containment Vessel Dome Amid Debris (via EHS & Safety News America)

The containment is not installed. It sits to one side where it was placed after it was removed for maintenance.

I’d like to you to watch the film. The building looks like it was direct hit by a half dozen bombs. It’s hard to see anything besides pipes, crushed concrete and steel reinforcement rods sticking out in every direction like match sticks.

James Pilant

My thanks to EHS & Safety News America.

The video was shot on Friday by an unmanned micro-helicopter, the Tarantula-Hawk, called the T-Hawk for short. The bright yellow dome of the steel containment vessel at Unit 4, Fukushima Daiishi nuclear power plant (FDI) is clearly visible amid the pulverized remains of the building in a new video released by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The dome is first seen a … Read More

via EHS & Safety News America