An Invitation To Write

I am not the fount of all wisdom. I am well aware of my limitations and there are a lot of them.

I invite you to submit articles or essays or columns that deal with business ethics. I can’t promise to print all of them. Whether I disagree with them or not is not a factor. I will not put up poorly written, or poorly thought out material. I need to maintain a reputation for a certain level of writing. (You might think reading my work that it isn’t very high!) And of course no obscenities and no use of things like the N word, etc.

If you are interested, send an essay or article or write to just ask if a certain topic would be good choice.

By the way, here are the rules, if I print it, your name in full goes in the title at the top of the page. I will write a brief introduction and say nice things about you, then your words. Your words will be highlighted in darkened lettering so people who read the article will be easily able to discern your thoughts as your thoughts and not mine.

Let me repeat, you can disagree with me. That’s not a factor. Writing quality and offensive content is.

James Pilant