Nuclear Collapse Looms? Fukushima Reactor No. 4 “Leaning” (via RT)

What are the business ethics problems revealed in this particular news article? First we have a with holding from the residents of critical information about their exposure to radiation. Second, we have worker safety issues on a very large scale. Workers have already died at the site. Third, we have a continuous underestimate of the radiation being released. It seems every time, TEPCO gives the public radiation numbers, it is later discovered to be too low.

It seems that the Japanese government and the utility, TEPCO, are in full damage control mode. They now hold one press conference a week. They invite only establishment press. They limit access to the site, not so much for safety’s sake but to prevent independent coverage.

As a business ethics disaster, these events will be featured in textbooks for generations.

James Pilant

Greenpeace Says Evacuation Area Near Fukushima Needs to be 20 km Wider (via flying cuttlefish picayune)

Here’s another reblog from our friend, “flying cuttlefish picayune.” (If anybody knows if when referring to a web blog and the title isn’t capitalized, if I should capitalize it, let me know.)

It’s nice to know that other bloggers are working the problem.

James Pilant

From Greenpeace – Call to widen evacuation area around Fukushima Blogpost by Brian Fitzgerald – March 27, 2011 at 19:40 Our team of radiation specialists in Japan brought back their findings for the day. The press release says it all: Fukushima, March 27, 2011:       Greenpeace radiation experts have confirmed radiation levels of up to ten micro Sieverts per hour in Iitate village, 40km northwest of the crisis-stricken Fukushima/Daiichi nuclear p … Read More

via flying cuttlefish picayune