Can Corporate Mistakes Kill You?

ABC is covering the story of Fairbanks Farms meat recall. It appears two people may have died from eating meat contaminated with e-coli. Whether or not there was misconduct and none has been claimed at that time, this is a clear example of company whose products could kill or injure thousands of people.

Another important lesson here (particularly for my Business Law students) is that one company can produce products under many labels. Fairbanks sold it meat products under the following labels:

B.J.’s Wholesale Club/Burris, Trader Joe’s, ACME, Shaw’s Supermarkets Inc., Price Chopper, Giant Food Stores and Ford Brothers.

E-coli contamination chiefly kills the elderly and the very young. Its symptoms mimic the flu. It is very likely that many more Americans have been killed by e-coli than official numbers indicate.