In the shadows of greatness (via There & [Hopefully] Back Again)

Fritz Haber is one of the real scientists whose life inspired the “mad scientist” of movies and books. He single mindly aided in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. His response was disappointment and a renewed vigor to create new and better methods of killing. Haber had been a curiosity to me for some years. This article discusses him more in depth.

If you want to talk ethics violations and ethically tone deaf, this scientist should be near the top of your list. If you are a student contemplating writing a paper on ethics, you would have trouble finding a better topic. This is a good article.

James Pilant

In the shadows of greatness How do we define greatness in science? I started pondering this question after responses started coming in to Nature Chemistry’s “unscientific & arbitrary Twitter poll”, asking “Who is the greatest chemist of all time?” The results are now posted on The Skeptical Chymist, the Nature Chemistry blog. My opening question was sparked by a particular name on the list: Fritz Haber.

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