Citizen-Led Movement in California Proposes to Outlaw Foreclosures (via Ketron Property Management, Inc.)

If you think this is a little crazy, you’re right. But in the light of how home owners have been treated over the last few years, it is totally understandable.

You can do a lot to people when they’ve been trained to take it. Currently they believe that the system is fair and that the terrible things that have happened to hundreds of thousands of Americans will be remedied once the right people figure out what’s going on.

Many of the right people knew from the beginning what was going on in the housing market and when the massive number of foreclosures began, those same right people closed their eyes.

A lot of Americans are waking up each day a little more sure that no one cares about them, their property or their rights. When justice is denied, people are going to start looking at other remedies.

This may look crazy now but if simple justice is denied large parts of the population, it’s going to get a lot crazier than this.

And it should.

James Pilant

Citizen-Led Movement in California Proposes to Outlaw Foreclosures Posted by Carole VanSickle on Wednesday, August 3rd 2011 In Sacramento, California, one citizen is taking on the lenders directly, using his “Foreclosure Modification Act” to demand that lenders provide principal and interest rate reductions in order to keep borrowers in their homes[1]. And according to the author of the proposal, David A. Benson, the best way to make this happen … Read More

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Human Rights Facts (229): Tens of Thousands of U.S. Citizens Die of Poverty Each Year (via P.a.p.-Blog)

The data is for 2000 but as all of us familiar with the economic data know, we live in worse times. But don’t expect any concern from Congress or the President. They are scurrying to the commands of the tens of thousands of lobbyists in Washington. The poor are generally unable to deploy lobbyists and their campaign contributions are small, very small.

James Pilant

Human Rights Facts (229): Tens of Thousands of U.S. Citizens Die of Poverty Each Year (source) Poverty kills, it seems. As if it's not bad enough in itself. Although death is often multicausal, a study has tried to estimate in how many cases poverty is a contributing factor: For 2000, the study attributed 176,000 deaths to racial segregation and 133,000 to individual poverty. The nu … Read More

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Nobody’s Home (via From the Ruins)

Can your bank tell you to get out of your home and then … do nothing. Yes. This couple was told to leave but the bank decided not to take possession of the property!

What happens then? Read this fascinating story from the web site, From the Ruins.

James Pilant

Nobody's Home Arthur and Brenda Ray went back to see the spot where their home on Goodyear Avenue once stood during a blustery February snow storm. There was nothing but a sheet of clean, white snow. “I had a nice porch to sit on,” Arthur said, “and I had a garage. My own garage.” The couple bought the house in 1995 and lived there until 1999. In August of that year Arthur came down with walking pneumonia and was hospitalized for three weeks. Arthur was being … Read More

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