Marcos not a Hero but a Despot (via Red Lion Oratory)

Absolutely. I have followed the Marcos story for some years now. He is a hero alright, to other despots and to major crooks everywhere. Of course, thieves everywhere may just envy him for the incredible amounts of money he was able to steal.

I agree with the author that there is no way to measure what the Philippines would be like if the incredible wealth of the country had not been diverted into private fortunes for so many years.

James Pilant

Ferdinand Marcos is a despot exactly like Cambodia’s Pol Pot, Serbia Slodoban Milosovic, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Libya’s Gaddafi and the reclusive Myanmar generals just to name a few. Any attempt to label him a hero by burying him in a place designated for heroes is sick. Marcos deprived the Filipinos of liberty and freedom. He operated a secret police, incarcerated his known opponents without charge, and tortured scores of contras calling them en … Read More

via Red Lion Oratory

More hidden and ugly truth about the Marcoses revealed (via Quierosaber’s Blog)

I share the author’s concerns. After their wanton looting of the Philippines, they should not be welcome in any civilized society.

James Pilant

More hidden and ugly truth about the Marcoses revealed The family of the notorious Filipino strongman, Ferdinand Marcos, has been back in the country for sometime now, accepted and forgiven. As if they were the ones wronged and not the entire nation and its people physically subjugated, oppressed and robbed by them during the despot’s 20-year rule, the short-lived m … Read More

via Quierosaber's Blog