Class Work = WoW (via The Girl Who Plays WoW)

The World of Warcraft charges with the force of a thousand screaming Orcs into the subject of ethics. And not just any ole ethics, business ethics.

Please give a read to a thoroughly original topic of ethical concern.

James Pilant

Today I had to give a presentation in my Professionalism in computing class. Basically, we had to find a computer related ethics case and present on it – so I immediately did a Bing search for WoW related court case. I ended up choosing the Kopp v. Vivendi case, and presented on that. Basically, Brian Kopp sued Vivendi for repeatedly accusing him of violating Blizzard’s copyright when he published his leveling guide. Kopp won and to this day sell … Read More

via The Girl Who Plays WoW

Earn Thousands At Home – Set Up Your Own Internet Company – Oh, Good Grief, You’d Think This One Would Get Old!

But it doesn’t and people still wind up losing thousands of dollars and sometimes, their life savings. I am including a video explaining one of the basic internet offers. It has two of the basic elements of these kinds of deals. First, it is a retiree. The elderly are a favorite target. They tend to have savings or equity in a home. They are often lonely. Their children have moved away. Their friends have gone to retirement homes or just can’t get around. The second element (one that as a business law teacher drives me crazy), he didn’t read the contract. Basic Rule. Read the contract, okay!!

It’s nice non-boring professional newscast video a little more than four minutes long. It has a lot of useful information and I know something about scams.