The Web Site, Striking Thoughts, has a Tough Opinion Concerning the Facebook Investment Debacle!

Wall Street Bitch-slaps us (again) | Striking Thoughts

This mess will be interesting to watch as it plays out. At this point I will go as far as agreeing with Business Insider:

“In one of the biggest IPOs in history, in which a huge amount of stock was sold to small investors, privileged Wall Street insiders once again got top-notch information…and individuals got the shaft.”

Wall Street Bitch-slaps us (again) | Striking Thoughts

Striking Thoughts is right on target and I recommend you read his thoughts.

To my colleague at “Striking Thoughts” I give a hearty thumbs up!”

James Pilant

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Privacy is the Person of Last Year

From Reuters

Whether either Facebook or WikiLeaks will live up their leaders’ divergent, but comparably idealistic, hopes is questionable. Extra status updates can bring friends closer or just irritate, and personal data shared online can reveal more than is healthy. Likewise, making ambassadorial dispatches public can shine a disinfecting light on a government’s role in unsavory deals — or hurt efforts to forestall damaging conflicts and put undercover agents in harm’s way.

Both organizations are gaining status and so are their leaders, as the Time selections attest. This may, however, be their golden hour. Technology has made it much harder to keep things hidden or to hush them up once exposed. But the costs of bringing formerly private things to light are likely to become increasingly evident. Even the relatively benign-seeming Mr. Zuckerberg, now in command of vast amounts of personal information, is likely to face calls for far greater accountability from Facebook’s mass of users – if not regulators one day.

In a Reuters’ opinion column, Robert Cyran writes about privacy and the role of Facebook and Wikileaks. It’s a tale of the ongoing saga of privacy or lack therof. The two paragraphs I culled from the larger do not really do the article justice. I recommend you follow the link and read it in its entirety.

James Pilant