What’s the difference between the News of the World and mechanically-recovered chicken? (via QA)

This is marvelous. Here we have some subversive, original thinking about our current state of morality. Do the ends justify the means? Murdoch’s empire is a vicious example of raw power in action. It deserves some tough satire.

James Pilant

Or, Does the end justify the means? I'm always on the look out for a good analogy. This one popped into my head. Once upon a time, the people who run meat processing plants became frustrated that little bits of otherwise delicious (and saleable) meat clung doggedly to a carcass after it had been stripped to make chicken nuggets, beefburgers or satay sticks. So, they invented ever more elaborate means by which to remove the meats from the bones. ' … Read More

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The view from Fukushima (via Bolsoversion)

The view from on the ground in Fukushima.

I will admit I don’t care much for the “fear mongering label.” Japan is likely hour to hour to experience a nuclear crisis more severe than what they have now. This is fact. An unfortunate fact but still a fact.

James Pilant

Following the terrible tragedy in Japan and having a big soft spot for the country and its people, I thought I’d re-post something my good friend Becky Dokmanovic recently wrote. She’s been living in Japan for the last four years and has fallen head-over-heels in love with the place. Naturally the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami has touched her in ways those of us looking in from the outside will never know. Her words really move … Read More

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