#Sustainability of Values alone would esnure profits. My reply (via Jayaribcm’s Blog)

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James Pilant

What’s “New” About Creating Shared Value?  05 Apr 2011 – by Michael Sadowski: This is an interesting post http://bit.ly/h5z2YL on Sustainability I give below my reply to the nice article from Michael that raises a number of basic issues. Michael, very valid points raised. Thanks. I would like to take you back to the days before ISO 9000 was introduced. In arriving at the harmonization of standards the Cecchini Committee had deliberated in detail … Read More

via Jayaribcm’s Blog

Creating shared value – the new sustainability paradigm? (via On sustainability, csr and climate change)

One of the things about American business that drives me crazy is the myopic quarterly focus of many companies, particularly Wall Street firms with their bonus oriented goal setting. Short term thinking causew serious problems for long term investors and has in a good number of cases resulted in the destruction of the company. This is good business ethics writing and I hope this paradigm catches on and changes the way businesses think about profits and planning.

James Pilant

To most business-minded folks, the creating shared value (CSV) concept is nothing new. In short, as Michael Porter and Mark Kramer put it in a recent Harvard Business Review article, CSV is all about “value creation for business that simultaneously yields more profit and greater social impact, resulting in powerful transformations and opportunities for growth and innovation in both business and society.” It assumes that  companies create business … Read More

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