MCOA rules that MERS lacks standing to foreclose by advertisement (via Great Lakes Law Blog)

I’ve been a consistent critic of MERS, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems. I consider incredible that the mortgage industry could set up this monstrosity which was in violation of state laws across the nation without trying to get some legislation from somebody somewhere to at least give it some iota of legality. Instead they just adopted it with an ethical sense very similar to listing your five grey tabby cats as children on your income tax. As far as I’m concerned, MERS is a semi-sorta legal device used to evade paying state registration fees and avoiding the basic work of transferring title by paper and all this so that these mortgages could be used as chips in global speculation.

This is an excellent brief discussion of MERS and the court system in Michigan.

James Pilant

In my introduction to MERS post, I indicated that a lot of litigation revolved around whether the Michigan Electronic Registration System (MERS) has standing as a party.  On April 21, 2011, the Michigan Court of Appeals decided that it did not in Residential Funding Co v Saurman.  The court said that MERS is not a party with an interest in the mortgage and cannot foreclose by advertisement.  MERS, as mortgagee, only holds an interest in the prope … Read More

via Great Lakes Law Blog

Michigan Kills Democracy, FDA Kills Babies (via Consciously Evolving Our Planet)

Anger and a lot of it.

I’ve been watching it now for years. But I’ve noticed changes in the past few weeks. Generally, I would see tea partiers or the like raging against the government. Now I’m seeing regular bloggers more and more often. They are outraged. They are disgusted. They want something to change.

We’re crossing some kind of line here in America. I don’t understand what’s happening. I can’t help but believe that something is.

This article is well written and thoughtful. You should read it.

James Pilant

In the three years of the Great Recession, more than 5 million families have lost their American Dream. Through foreclosure or short sale, another 6 million face the same fate during the next 3 years. As more than 10% of us endure this particular type of “homelessness”, with its anxiety, shame, and loss, no one has gone to jail. The few who protest openly are mocked or ignored. Corporate profits are at record levels, driven primarily by the incre … Read More

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Prep-Star-Hits-Game-Winning-Shot-for-Perfect-Season, Falls and Dies (via Yahoo Sports)

From Yahoo Sports

Making matters even more disorienting for Fennville fans were the events that transpired just before (Wes) Leonard’s death. The junior — who was also the quarterback of the school’s football team this fall — not only hit the winning shot in the team’s final regular season game, but by doing so he also ensured that the Blackhawks would finish with a perfect, 20-0 record.

“It’s tough to take in,” Leonard’s teammate Shane Bale, told The Sentinel. “It’s like somebody from your family, you know?”

Opposing coaches and their teams were also still trying to come to grips with the teen’s passing. Bangor (Mich.) coach Rocky Johnson said that he was completely stunned by the death.

“It’s hard to stomach,” Johnson told “We are all hurting now.

This is not my usual turf but I wanted to call attention to the funeral passage in Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans

“Why hast thou left us, pride of the Wapanachki?” he said, addressing
himself to the dull ears of Uncas, as if the empty clay retained the
faculties of the animated man; “thy time has been like that of the sun
when in the trees; thy glory brighter than his light at noonday. Thou
art gone, youthful warrior, but a hundred Wyandots are clearing the
briers from thy path to the world of the spirits. Who that saw thee in
battle would believe that thou couldst die? Who before thee has ever
shown Uttawa the way into the fight? Thy feet were like the wings of
eagles; thine arm heavier than falling branches from the pine; and
thy voice like the Manitou when He speaks in the clouds. The tongue of
Uttawa is weak,” he added, looking about him with a melancholy gaze,
“and his heart exceeding heavy. Pride of the Wapanachki, why hast thou
left us?”

Maybe that’s appropriate.

James Pilant