Actress in “Innocence of Muslims” Says Director Lied to Her

Innocence of Muslims Actress Speaks “says film is nightmare” – YouTube

This film is very much like screaming fire in jam-packed movie house with one small door. This was designed to provoke violence. Whether or not it is protected speech under the first amendment is highly questionable. Remember, fighting words are an exception to free speech protections.

It would be a mistake to consider Moslems to be particularly violent compared to other racial and religious groups. We can offend dozens of religious groups around the world by destroying their symbols and literature, by alleging that their leaders and holy men are frauds and that their religion is based on nothing more than lies and deceit. Many of them can be expected to take to the streets under that kind of provocation.

What would happen Americans burned national flags or symbols, attacked their customs, and insulted their past? I suspect we could see some serious mob action, diplomatic problems and possibly military action.

And consider what would happen if such a film were made about head of the Christian religion and his followers in America. Would many people find charges of sexual misconduct offensive? What would worshippers do if confronted with a film alleging that Christianity is a bundle of lies and its followers deluded fools?

Patriotism and religion have always been sources of violence and conflict in spite of many great and reasonable men who have tried to seek peace and reconciliation.

What “Innocence of Muslims” does and is designed to do is to incite hatred for the United States and violence against its citizens, to disrupt the Moslem world and damage the reputation of their religion.


J. Christopher Stevens, a victim of the Libyan riot

There are a billion and half followers of Islam on the earth. Very few are interested in damaging American institutions or killing Americans. If so many as 1/10 of 1 percent were devoted to the destruction of America, that would be one million and five hundred thousand Anti Americans. There are 5.62 million Americans overseas. Don’t you think we would we suffer some injuries and death on a daily basis if that number of enemies chose to take any kind of action?

Let’s keep our views of violence in perspective and realize that words have consequences. You may have the right to speak your mind in this country (and that is questionable in this case) but should you do it?

If any amount of rational judgment had been a factor in this matter, it would never have happened.

James Pilant


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Hi Jolly (via AZCentral)

Arizona has had many visitors from many parts of the world. Generally speaking we don’t think of Muslims in the wild West. But Hadji Ali was there. He was a living legend across the American West. He died in 1902 in Quartsite, Arizona.

From AZ Central

He died almost 97 years ago, but his name is still immediately recognized here. His tombstone is the largest monument in the city. It’s topped by a copper camel and it attracts thousands of visitors every year.

 And he is the direct cause of Camelmania, a rare but harmless malady that descends upon the desert town Quartzsite every year. Those who happen to be in attendance may, if they choose, become one if its victims.

The person under consideration here came to this country as Hadji Ali, but when he died, most people knew him as Hi Jolly.

From Wikipedia –

As near as anyone can determine, he was born of Jordanian Bedouin parentage in Jordan in the region of Greater Syria around 1828.[3] Hi Jolly, originally named Ḥājj ‘Alī, was an Ottoman citizen. He worked for the Ottoman armed forces and he was a breeder and trainer of camels. Some sources allege that he took the name Hadji Ali during his early life after making the pilgrimage to Mecca. The title hajji was given when, as a Muslim, he made the Hajj pilgrimage.[4] Other sources report that his mother was of Greek origin and his father was Syrian.

Why the name, Hi Jolly? Well, then as now, Americans cannot pronounce names from that part of the world. I have always thought that Hi Jolly’s story would make a good Western television series. He traveled all across the Southwest in the 1850’s, lived through the Civil War, ran a shipping business, prospected for gold, married, had children,participated in Crook’s campaign against the Sioux – he lived the history of the Wild West from the 1850’s to the closing of the frontier in 1900.

It drives me crazy when Americans lump all the followers of Islam into one angry group of terrorists, when the fact is that there are a billion and a half Muslims divided into many factions often with little interest in the United States.

Hadji Ali became an American citizen and was here when it was tough going. I’m proud to live in a country that can claim such figures as Hi Jolly.

James Pilant