A Period of Transition?

A Period of Transition?

I have a link below to a review of the documentary “Untouchable” about the Harvey Weinstein matter. Strangely enough I’m not talking about him today but something else.

We used to have a lot of newspapers and they served as a check on bad behavior – of the government, the wealthy and the influential. The newspaper is gradually disappearing and has been for some time. I’ve noticed on my You Tube feed increasing numbers of short videos, five – ten – fifteen, sometimes as long as thirty minutes. They talk about everything. In my case, ships, guns, history, social issues, science fiction. Much of the time, they are essentially short documentaries.

And that is my point today, the world of the press is moving online. These short pithy takes on every subject under the sun will in time become more organized, more subject driven and more influential. Some are self financed but many are funded by supporters online who like what they’re doing.

Periods of transition like this are very difficult and complex. Almost a hundred years ago, people thought that mail order education would replace or augment regular colleges and universities. After false starts the education my mail movement has few adherents left. But that is the risk in change, that things will not work the way we expect.

James Pilant


As Ever, The Media Behind with the News (via Thriven’s Blog)

“Thriven” (Adrian Bailey) takes a cynical look at newspapers and their purpose. While written from a Northern European point of view, I challenge you to find anything different here.

James Pilant

As Ever, The Media Behind with the News Let”s take a cynical view. Newspapers exist to deliver readers to advertisers. They only survive commercially s far as they reflect back the readers’ interests. Nobody likes to be challenged first thing in the morning so you’re going to read what you’ve already got. This includes the ‘highbrow’ papers, those with a ‘liberal’ agenda. Look at the advertisements in these and you’ll see who the ideal reader is. Look at the lifestyle sections, look a … Read More

via Thriven’s Blog