The world’s greatest newspaper on the debt deal (via An und für sich)

The coverage in the mainstream press is as usual focused on the winners and losers in Washington, the “horse” race. This, of course, leaves out any real consideration of the agreement’s victims because after all, if there is anything more totally devoid of interest among the beltway elites, it is the middle class American. After all, they are not “job creators.” So, the actual terms of the agreement (blackmail) are not that big a deal unless you are a victim.

James Pilant

Last night, I arrived home to find that Obama and Congress had apparently reached a deal on the debt ceiling. As you all know, I've been following this story obsessively, so naturally I wanted to know what the deal was. So I clicked on the story and started reading. Markets were watching, Obama had a tough job selling it to his more liberal colleagues, Boehner would have a balancing act trying to draw in enough Democrats while not losing Repulica … Read More

via An und für sich