Are Things As Bad As They Seem? (via Info Ink)

Yes, they are every bit that bad.

James Pilant

The partisanship…..the extremism……lack of respect…….the out right lies…….the misinformation (and yes, it is different from lies)…….and it all comes down to the American voter….YOU voted for morons and now you are paying the price for that vote…..I know, what could be so bad we might get lower taxes and balanced budget and spending controls….what could be so bad? Glad you asked!  While you were bobbing and weaving through t … Read More

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G R Putland comments on the post – “War on drugs” is a failure in many ways (via Eideard)

G.R. Putland comments on an earlier post of mine.

Submitted on 2011/06/22 at 2:52 am

The reversal of the presumption of innocence in drug-possession cases is incompatible with the rule of law and is therefore unconstitutional in ALL jurisdictions. Moreover, the ECONOMICS of the drug trade dictate that criminal sanctions are self-defeating unless concentrated on RETAIL SALES.

See “The universally unconstitutional war on drugs”: .

Terry Jones Needs to be Committed (via Off the Top o’ My Head)

I don’t know if Terry Jones is insane or not. I don’t know if he should be committed for a long period of time. However, I do know that his conduct merits temporary custody and a mental exam by a professional. There certainly seems to me enough evidence of deviate behavior to merit such custody.

Even if he were found sane, the fact that he was examined would convey to the Muslim world how strange we find his behavior.

People in other nations find our willingness to allow virtually anyone to have their own church to be bizarre and a good number believe Christianity is a top-down organization with some kind of control. Churches in the United States cover the spectrum from the sublime to the bizarre. People in nations with more unified religions do not get this.

I’ve never been anywhere but the United States and sometimes, I find it bizarre. “That’s a church!,” I’ll think to myself while watching people handle snakes or preach that the bible is a self help handbook on how to get rich. How much more do the adherents of Islam find behavior here odd?

Let’s do something about Terry Jones.

James Pilant

Please read the post from Off the Top o’ My Head. He is more eloquent than I.

Terry Jones is coming to Dearborn, Michigan to celebrate Adolph Hitler’s Birthday on April 22, 2011, but his mental instability is indicated by the fact that he is two days off. Hitler was born on April 20, 1869. Jones plans to demonstrate against Islam and is hoping for a large turnout of like-minded religious nutcases. Just as Timothy McVeigh hoped to incite racial conflict and blew up the Murrah Federal Building as a means to that end, Jones w … Read More

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This Thursday, February 17, is designated “Internet Strikes Back” day to “counter Congressional opposition to a fair and open Internet (via, providing sentiency)

This is the day Congress votes on the issue of net neutrality. Heed the call and make your voice heard.

James Pilant

This Thursday, February 17, is designated “Internet Strikes Back” day to “counter Congressional opposition to a fair and open Internet Make no mistake: this will be a decisive vote. This is the only time that Congress will vote “yes or no” on Net Neutrality, so it’s crucial that they vote the right way. Help us send a clear message to Congress: a vote for the repeal act is a vote against internet users. In the coming days, we’ll be working to coordinate a national day of action on the 17th, when we’ll flood Congress with calls from Net Neutrality supporters.Here are three ways y … Read More

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