High radiation found at Japan’s Fukushima plant (via National Post | News)

Just when you think the Fukushima crisis had finally been scrubbed from the news by various interest groups and the Japanese government, it comes roaring right back at you.

James Pilant

TOKYO — Pockets of lethal levels of radiation have been detected at Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in a fresh reminder of the risks faced by workers battling to contain the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl. Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) reported on Monday that radiation exceeding 10,000 millisieverts per hour was found at the bottom of a ventilation stack standing between two reactors. On Tuesday Tepco said i … Read More

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The Most Contaminated Place on Earth: Chelyabinsk-40 (via Sometimes Interesting)

Currently there is a great deal of admiration in the American business press for nations like China and Vietnam. They are great places to invest, we are told; and we are told this with great confidence. One of the reasons they are great places to put your business or your money is the lack of “uncertainty.” You see democracy is messy while human rights crushing totalitarian regimes are predictable. A democratic country might consider raising the minimum wage while a Chinese regime can assure companies that such a thing will never happen.

However, there are occasional down sides to totalitarian Communist societies however friendly they may be to American business. One of these downsides is that their ability to keep secrets means they can do unethical, bizarre or ridiculous things without hindrance. Of course, sometimes when a large nation does these things the results can last much longer perhaps for as far as humans can perceive.

Please enjoy the article.

James Pilant

The Most Contaminated Place on Earth: Chelyabinsk-40 We’re quite familiar with the lore of various secret United States nuclear facilities; their storied history and operations being shrouded in secrecy has fascinated us for decades. What we seldom hear about are the secret nuclear laboratories and test facilities of our greatest Cold War opponent – the former U.S.S.R. One particular installation – Chelyabinsk-40 – was the first Soviet plutonium production complex and the site of three separate mas … Read More

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Latest From The Pen Of Philippe Leroux: ‘X-Rays and Nuclear Fumbles’ (via The Crisis Jones Report)

What level of x-ray exposure is safe? Over the last roughly one hundred years, the amount of such radiation considered dangerous has been changed repeatedly and always downward. This article is critical of the nuclear industry and its reaction to an x-ray exposure at one of the facilities.

Now, there is some evidence that there is no safe level. I have included a brief quote from Wikipedia evidencing that point of view. If you are interested in the medical safety of x-rays, I found a wonderful site put up by the University of Oklahoma which I link to here.

From WikipediaDiagnostic X-rays (primarily from CT scans due to the large dose used) increase the risk of developmental problems and cancer in those exposed.[28][29][30] X rays are classified as a carcinogen by both the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer and the U.S. government.[26][31] It is estimated that 0.4% of current cancers in the United States are due to computed tomography (CT scans) performed in the past and that this may increase to as high as 1.5-2% with 2007 rates of CT usage.[32]

I’m very fond of the web site Crisis Jones Report and suggest that you favorite it.

James Pilant

Latest From The Pen Of Philippe Leroux: 'X-Rays and Nuclear Fumbles' By: Philippe Leroux For: The Crisis Jones Report – July 11, 2011 X-rays happen to be considered a carcinogen by the World Health Organization and the illegitimate U.S. government. The International Atomic Energy Agency considers X-rays generally harmless. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission echoes the same what doesn’t kill you now must be safe sentiment. Given the eugenicist mindset of the WHO and Rome on the Potomac, one tends to believe them whe … Read More

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Shareholders hammer Tepco over nuclear fiasco (via MY VOICE)

My favorite sentence –

Another investor shouted that Tepco’s executives should jump into their stricken reactors and die to take the blame for the fiasco.

Enjoy the article and remember that TEPCO has paid out more than 19 billion dollars in damages but that if this happened in America, the responsible utility company would be out less than a hundred million dollars due to our government protecting them from losses.

James Pilant

Shareholders hammer Tepco over nuclear fiasco By KAZUAKI NAGATA Staff writer Tokyo Electric Power Co. faced a six-hour barrage of heavy flak from shareholders Tuesday at their annual meeting, with management blasted over how it has handled the world’s worst nuclear accident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Demonstrators gather outside Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Fukuoka Prefecture. KYODO Many investors demanded to know why Tepco failed to foresee the tsunami … Read More


Nuclear Plant, Left for Dead, Shows a Pulse (via Energy)

You cannot kill these things.

Christopher Lee as Dracula in a mid-sixties Hammer film has the life span of a mayfly by comparison.

This nuclear plant, little more than a pile of looted wreckage is under consideration for construction.

I call upon anyone and every one for a little respect for the facts of the situation. Surely, we can think better than this?

James Pilant

By MATTHEW L. WALD/NYT HOLLYWOOD, Ala. — Spider webs line the 50-story cooling towers, parts have been amputated for the scrap value of their nickel or copper, and the control room still has analog dials at Bellefonte 1, a half-built nuclear plant here that was shelved 23 years ago. This does not seem like a particularly opportune moment to breathe life back into a reactor that was designed before the computer age. But its owner, the … Read More

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Worries Over Two Nuclear Plants (via )

I think there is definitely some grounds for concern. If you buy the idea that corporations are only in business to make money and have no other responsibilities, the idea that they might skimp on protections becomes very viable.

Nuclear plants are indemnified by the federal government if they cause more than a certain amount of damage. Off the top of my head, I believe that amount is fifty million dollars. That’s not a lot of incentive to protect the public. For many corporations, fifty million dollars is small change.

TEPCO, the Japanese utility that runs the nuclear plants that have melted down would have loved to have a deal like the American government gives out to our nuclear utilities.

It should be obvious that indemnification destroys a lot of corporate rationale for safety. If the money damages aren’t that big a deal, why not cut corners?

James Pilant

Worries Over Two Nuclear Plants As record floodwaters along the Missouri River drench homes and businesses, concerns have grown about keeping a couple of notable structures dry: two riverside nuclear power plants in Nebraska. Though the plants have declared “unusual events,” the lowest level in the emergency taxonomy used by federal nuclear regulators, both were designed to withstand this level of flooding, and neither is viewed as being at risk for a disaster, said a spokesman … Read More


Unsafe Radiation Found Near Tokyo, Vast Area of Japan Contaminated ! (via Socio-Economics History Blog)

I’ve been reading reports for some days now that radiation is being detected in “hot spots” outside the restricted in increasing amounts and in more places.

If you’ll examine a recent map of Chernobyl, you will find a phenomenon called “leopard stripes.” Hot radiation areas laid in patterns similar to leopard stripes on the map. Radiation does not spread evenly. So if we see hot spots popping up here and there, it is a new pattern forming.

I am uncomfortable with this. The tonnage of radioactive material is very large at these sites (Fukushima). Over long periods of time and with variations in wind and other weather, the radiation could contaminate countries in every direction.

James Pilant

Unsafe Radiation Found Near Tokyo, Vast Area of Japan Contaminated ! To those of you thinking of a holiday in Japan, you may want to think twice about it. The radiation level reported in the MSM since the 11 March inciden … Read More

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NOAA Makes It Official: 2011 Among Most Extreme Weather Years in History (via madaboutthenews)

Facts are facts. Whether about evolution or climate change, the data is going to just keep accumulating in ever larger stacks of hard to ignore facts.

It’s getting hotter. Now, tornadoes are not very get indicators of climatic change – too many variable. Hurricanes are a little better but not much. The best indicators are average temperatures over time and weather volatility.

However, with the rise of “intelligent design,” more and more science is a matter of opinion. Thus, the United States is gradually losing that key part of the democratic process, critical thinking. If we don’t like what science or history or sociology says, we just get together with a few other disgruntled individuals and rewrite history or science. It’s easy. Pretend there is a controversy, and that you are God’s seekers after truth.

Will we be burning witches soon? Or giving faith healing status to collect insurance for services rendered? I don’t know. Let’s watch. The 14th century awaits.

James Pilant

NOAA Makes It Official: 2011 Among Most Extreme Weather Years in History Just past the halfway point, 2011 has already seen eight weather-related disasters in the U.S. that caused more than $1 billion in damagesAmplify’d from http://www.scientificamerican.comEXTREME WEATHER: Halfway through, 2011 has already seen eight weather-related disasters that caused more than $1 billion in damagesThe devastating string of tornadoes, droughts, wildfires and floods that hit the United States this spring marks 2011 as one of the mo … Read More

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US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant: report (via Kinetic Truth)

Interesting. I haven’t heard anything about this in the mainstream media, which of course means nothing except the heads of the principle media corporations do not find it worthy of attention. I will try to keep my eye on it.


US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant: report A shocking report prepared by Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) on information provided to them by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that the Obama regime has ordered a “total and complete” news blackout relating to any information regarding the near catastrophic meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant located in Nebraska. According to this report, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant suffered a “catastrophic loss … Read More

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Kukkumol comments on “The Health Hazards of Cell Phone and Cell Tower Radiations”

Kukkumol comments on “The Health Hazards of Cell Phone and Cell Tower Radiations

All the electronic equipments are dangerous to human health. Now we are habituated of all the equipments. Now we cannot go back to stone age. We have to accept the fact, we are living in a dangerous planet called earth. Every one know Smoking dangerous to health, when ever Government want to to stop smoking, automatically it has increased. Before we were smoking and chewing pan, now we started with all the Gutkas, than the advertisement came for Mobile phones, every one knows that this causes cancer. Now billions of people using mobiles. We are like children, if parents says Son don’t touch this, this is fire. Immediately Child want to to touch the fire, after getting hurt, he will stop. In the same manner when we have cancer than we will stop. Don’t forget we are from Adam’s family……