Dogs Becoming Latest Casualty Of S. Fla. Foreclosures (via CBS Miami)

Isn’t this pitiful. We live in a country where the recession has gotten so severe that families are unable to keep their pets.

James Pilant

HOMESTEAD (CBS4) – Near the border of where rural meets desolate you'll see them: Packs of dogs roaming Homestead and Florida City. The animals are clearly on their own.  They look starved, thirsty, and many appear injured.  And Everglades National Park ranger Mirta Maltez sees them all the time.  She calls out to the dogs around an abandoned house as she gives us a tour on her own time. "We took out five yesterday and we have five to go." Maltez … Read More

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Are Things As Bad As They Seem? (via Info Ink)

Yes, they are every bit that bad.

James Pilant

The partisanship…..the extremism……lack of respect…….the out right lies…….the misinformation (and yes, it is different from lies)…….and it all comes down to the American voter….YOU voted for morons and now you are paying the price for that vote…..I know, what could be so bad we might get lower taxes and balanced budget and spending controls….what could be so bad? Glad you asked!  While you were bobbing and weaving through t … Read More

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Happy House, Sad House (via Mike LaMonica’s Blog)

Mike LaMonica calls us to look at a single home, a beautiful home. I would guess another mortgage foreclosure. I’ve seen houses around here that have been for sale so long, that one of the two word supports has rotted and left the for sale sign in the grass.

I love houses. I like the old ones, brick and sturdy. The mid-sixties ranch house designs are my favorite. It’s a tragedy when a beautiful house goes empty.

LaMonica is right. It is sad.

James Pilant

Happy House, Sad House It all started out with so much promise. In about 2004 construction began on this house at 4191 Ingraham Highway in Coconut Grove, FL. It was an odd shaped lot and I wondered how they would plant a house there. But sure enough it started to go up and took shape.  Then the most beautiful day of all came.  The builders put up a tastefully done custom sign that said, “FUTURE HOME OF THE JONES FAMILY” and I thought it was a nice and personalized touc … Read More

via Mike LaMonica’s Blog

Americans Believe Recession (Depression) Is Not Over

From a CNN story

Seventy-four percent of Americans believe the economy is still in a recession, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll. Only 25 percent think the downturn is over.

One-third of Americans say the recession is serious, while another 29 percent characterize it as moderate.

Only the elite in the beltway believe the ridiculous idea that we have successfully come through the recession. I don’t understand how the numbers could add up to anything but a continuing crisis.

Unemployment – 9.6 percent – This doesn’t count those who have given up seeking work, so the real number is probably closer to 15.

Financial Markets – All Better? – NO – Federal Reserve Governor Kevin Warsh said on Tuesday that financial markets have not fully recovered after the financial crisis and that economic growth is currently weighted to government expansion.

Hiring – All better? – NO – U.S. chief executive officers’ view of the economy darkened in the third quarter, with top executives saying they were less willing to hire new workers as they fear sales growth will slow.

Consumer Confidence – Optimistic? – NO – When it comes to attitudes about the economy, Americans continue to see the glass as half empty, according to the latest reading on consumer morale. The Consumer Confidence Index fell to 48.5 in September — its lowest level in 7 months — and down from August’s negatively revised level of 53.2, the Conference Board, a New York-based research group that compiles the index, said Tuesday.

How long can I keep going? How long have you got?

The politicians and the commentators feel your pain from a safe distance. You’re just more economic data and an annoying one. If you would only believe, everything would be fine. Everybody is doing well. You just don’t see it because you can’t see the big picture obstructed as it is by your suffering. Don’t be pessimistic. Don’t you know that this is America and a good attitude can solve all your problems?

I get tired. You get up and you hear these criticisms of hard working Americans and the utter lack of comprehension of the beltway elites as to what the world is really like, and the next day it happens again. The cycle never ends. Americans are lazy, self-indulgent, and fat. They need to get tough, get smart and do what we, the real people, the people that count do. Learn from us, they say. These creatures who don’t live in a world of labor and pain, who live by manipulating money, shaping opinion, and other ill defined processes. They know how to fix your lives. Right, and I can build a nuclear weapon with a little barb wire and an old tire.

Well, tomorrow will be another day and the cycle will begin again.

James Pilant

Look At This!

I found this on the web last night. It’s a video of American unemployment by county. The film runs month by month and in about a minute you see how unemployment developed in the U.S. over the last two years. It starts in January 2007 and runs until May of 2010. High employment counties have light colors. High unemployment counties are darker. You can watch the whole nation darken in a two year period, it’s very striking.