Is This Really An Economic Recovery?

Ron Dreher asks that question and he links to quite a few articles with different takes on the subject.

He begins his article with, “Consumer confidence and spending is up, as are new home sales. Good news, right? Clusterstock has 25 questions to put to people who think the economic recovery is real.”

Let’s hear from a real expert:

Are We Going The Way Of The Weimar Republic?

Rod Dreher asks that very question in his May 25th Column from I believe (and hope) that he is mistaken. We lack the pain of losing the first World War and many of the strains on the fabric of society that they had that are not present here. Nevertheless it’s a good read. I like Dreher. I don’t always agree with him. But agreeing with me is only a small part of being a good writer. (a very small part)

This is a short video on Weimar: