The Beginning of The End of Rupert Murdoch? – Rebekah Brooks resigns over phone-hacking scandal (via Kempton – ideas Revolutionary)

When I first saw this, all I saw was the first part of the headline, and I thought, “No, he can’t be stopped.” But then I caught the part where Rebekah Brooks resigns and thought, “Maybe he is mortal after all. ”

James Pilant

The Beginning of The End of Rupert Murdoch? - Rebekah Brooks resigns over phone-hacking scandal Given the business smart of Rupert Murdoch and the firepower one can buy from hiring Edelman, the largest global PR firm, it may still be too early to say this is the "Beginning of The End of" of Murdoch. But at least it is easier to say this may be the beginning of the end of Rebekah Brooks. Guardian, "Rebekah Brooks resigns over phone-hacking scandal – News International chief stops short of full apology, saying she no longer wants to be 'focal … Read More

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Net Neutrality: Who Should We Be Most Afraid Of? (via Rebecca Reynolds)

Excellent article on net neutrality. Thoughtful and intelligent. We need more like it.

She asks the important questions. What values are at stake here? What are our choices? But she ties all this in with some history of the developing media of the last fifty years.

Good writing. Please go and have a look.

James Pilant

Net Neutrality: Who Should We Be Most Afraid Of? The idea of open, accessible, unmoderated forums for discourse and exchange inspires me. Afterall, that is what I do for a living: I design processes that enable many people to engage in collaborative decision-making. That technology could push this process open even further, to many more people, to a borderless conversation, a churning think tank for innovation is a possibility I dream of. For this reason, I have been an increasing proponent of … Read More

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Ethical Spying…Google Me Baby! (via Shanti-Janae)

She’s absolutely right. Using Facebook to judge job applicants is wrong. And it is a foolish practice. The web is where we can be anything. A shy girl can be flamboyant. An unpopular guy can talk to dozens of people on the web and feel a confidence he doesn’t feel at school. Those images, those roles we play are just scenes in our lives. The significance is pretty variable.

I’m foolish enough to believe that good interviewing skills will pick up most problems in job applicants. I believe that these background checks: criminal, medical, credit and now social networking sites have gotten totally out of control. It is time for legal limits on these kinds of background checks.

And I believe that we should have some form of personal lives outside our work where our employer’s inquiring eye should not go.

I like what this web site had to say. I recommend you read it.

James Pilant

Topic of the Week #3 Social networking & the “ethical” spies!  I know my title and first sentence is off the meter, but I just hate this topic! Lately, college students have been warned that their Facebook and any other social media site profiles are being used as reason for them to not get hired. For one, I think that is very petty and unreliable. Not to mention shallow and a very easy way to cover-up discrimination. You might overlook the n … Read More

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