Reliable News about the Fukushima disaster (via Upgrade the Lighting)

I fully agree with the author. Fairewinds has been the best source of information about the disaster that I have been able to find. I am a subscriber to the site and I recommend you sign up as well. It’s intelligent and full of information usually backed up by photography and films. I visit regularly.

James Pilant

Reliable News about the Fukushima disaster Reliable sources of information regarding what is going on at Fukushima have been difficult for me to find. I am appalled at the lack of focused attention this situation is receiving in the lamestream media.  TEPCO seems more interested in protecting itself than the Japanese people or the rest of the world.  Their official information may be supplying bits and pieces of the truth to the public, but  I don’t trust their analysis  of those facts. I … Read More

via Upgrade the Lighting