Slate Hates Us

Slate Hates Us

Slate, the online magazine, has a new web site. Actually, “new web site” might not be an accurate description. I might prefer “attack on the public” or “insult to the intelligence” or “rain dance of hatred upon the consumer.”

It’s a Rohrschach of a web site. You don’t have any idea what it’s supposed to mean and after a time, you no longer believe anyone else knows either. Someone just threw colors and titles on the page like an electronic Jackson Pollack. The web site re-lists the same articles repeatedly apparently with the idea that maybe if you the title in a different font with a different background, you’ll like it better. If you want to find anything, you’re on the scavenger hunt from hell. I just want to read Doonsebury and I’m never sure where it is in there.

Some days, it’s just not worth hacking through the electronic jungle of obstruction and there are easier sights beckoning.

I know where they got the designer – same guys did the ACA site except better.

James Pilant

Internet Explorer Assassin!

Internet Explorer, one of the most widely used...
Internet Explorer, one of the most widely used web browsers “Browser Market Share”. Net Applications . . Retrieved 29 July 2011 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Internet Explorer Assassin!

Before I name the culprit, let me explain the crime. Every morning barring the most unusual circumstances, I read through business, business ethics, economics, and justice related web sites. It takes about an hour. It happens every day. Usually, I set a few aside for later use as blog posts.

A few weeks ago, Internet Explorer would crash while I was reading. I thought nothing about it. Browsers do crash on occasion. I have six different browsers on my computer just in case.

But after a while, a pattern emerged and Internet Explorer began dying every morning about the same time.

It was Salon killing my browser, actually it just locks it up so it’s frozen and useless.

The internet site, has been crashing Internet Explorer. It usually does it after I have put up several tabs of articles to read. It seems to coincide with one of their new advertisement pop-ups.

I haven’t solved the problem but I use a separate browser to view Salon, so when the browser crashes, I don’t lose much but it is inconvenient.

I guess the business ethics problem here is having a product which doesn’t work all the time. And before I learned to use a separate browser, it regularly ate my research for blogging.

So, maybe in the future, they might temper the clutter so that access to their site would be better. I’d like that and I’m sure there are others who would appreciate it.

James Pilant

From around the web.

From the web site, Kenny1948’s Soapbox.

Well, today was the last straw.  I unsubscribed from the Salon main
page.  It is totally impossible to read anything on Salon, or to even
try and contact them!  Every time I go there, my browser crashes and I
have to restart my computer.  Don’t they understand about advertising,
and how it slows down things?  What idiots constructed this website?
Well they lost one reader, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

From the web site,


A Useful Web Site if You Are Behind on Your Bills

I was asked to put this web site on my blog. I was a little worried because I’ve been asked before and the sites turned out to be less than reputable. However, I have visited this site several times and I find the recommendations to be intelligent and practical. The link to various companies that you might owe money like the major utility companies would be worthwhile even by itself. So, have a look and see what you think. If you like it, let me know. If there are problems, let me know. But I like what I see, and believe the advice and information to be useful to most people with debt problems.

I Cant Pay My Bill Pay | Make Payment or Get Help If You Can’t Pays

Managing overdue bills – So, if you’ve fallen behind, how do you go about paying overdue bills? offers an extensive research database and learning center for how to pay off bills and repair credit. We invite you to browse our library of bill paying tips and guides, and we’re confident that you’ll find a helpful resource that will allow you to get out of debt quickly and efficiently, and to get back to financial stability. Whether it’s credit-lending department stores like a Wal-Mart bill, a grocery store bill, or a Macy’s bill, or a utility bill like your phone bills, heating bills, or electric bills, this website has researched the best ways to pay, the worst possible outcome (creditors calling, repossession), and how other people who couldn’t pay that particular bill have dealt with the problem.

I Cant Pay My Bill Pay | Make Payment or Get Help If You Can’t Pays

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