Heroes to Zeroes? Monetized Fire Department Watches Home Burn

Tennessee family home burns while firefighters watch | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News

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Vicky Bell told the NBC affiliate WPSD-TV that she called 911 when her mobile home in Obion County caught fire. Firefighters arrived on the scene but as the fire raged, they simply stood by and did nothing. “In an emergency, the first thing you think of, ‘Call 9-1-1,” homeowner Bell said. However, Bell and her husband were forced to walk into the burning home in an attempt to retrieve their own belongings. “You could look out my mom’s trailer and see the trucks sitting at a distance,” Bell said. “We just wished we could’ve gotten more out.”

This is video from last year’s similar case. Both homes burned from the lack of a 75 dollar subscription payment. That’s what happens when you take firemen and make them into businessmen. Monetized serviced makes sense to free market conservatives because the believe in the survival of the fittest.

Fire departments are not businesses. Making them into businesses wounds up with them not doing their job as a way of building clientele. It’s cruel, vicious and destructive to those with the least resources. Our proud conservative commentators have never lived in a home where seventy-five dollars was the difference between getting a tire for the car or lunch money or a hundred other things that burden you when you live on the edge likes tens of millions of Americans do now.

James Pilant

Tennessee family home burns while firefighters watch | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News

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That’s the number of comments that have been lodged on Yahoo News on the story entitled, Anger grows as disaster reaches Panhandle beaches. That’s a very large amount of anger. Now, I freely confess I can’t read more than a hundred thousand comments (not without considerable monetary incentive), but I believe that there is considerable frustration with the federal government on this issue. And by federal government, I mean the President of the United States who appears increasingly angry but still doesn’t seem interested in taking any action.