Who Is Responsible For Our Financial Crisis?

002-1Who Is Responsible For Our Financial Crisis?

Dylan Rattigan nails it (from the November 25, 2009 program, Morning Meeting):

Exactly and more importantly making sure that we identify who burned the house (the house being the American economy) down, who made themselves rich burning the house down, getting the money back from those who made themselves rich burning the house down, punishing those who burned the house down and then building a new house that doesn’t allow people who like to burn houses down to build them. And they’re acting like the house fire was an accident and I think that’s where you run into a lot of problems.

There has been a continuous failure of the Obama Administration to place blame or establish penalties for the long term financial wrong doing that created the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Without accountability what reason do those who have profited so much from hurting so many to stop their actions?

James Pilant