FIFA and Less Regulation

FIFA and Less Regulation

Foul Play: FIFA shows what less regulation offers to business (via Paul Kiser’s Blog)

(This originally appeared on 6/29/10. It was improperly tagged and search engines couldn’t see it. So, I’m reposting it so the post can be seen by search engines like Google.)

Kiser compares the current crisis in the rules governing calls in soccer with the rules of good business.

He writes: “This is a good lesson for those who preach that less regulation is good for business. We have seen what happens when government is stripped back to allow business to do as they will to their customers and the market. Too little regulation leads to foul play. It always has, always does, and always will.”

I recommend this to your attention.

James Pilant

by Paul Kiser USA PDT  [Twitter: ] [Facebook] [LinkedIn] [Skype:kiserrotary or 775.624.5679] Up until today the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (better known as FIFA) believed in fate, not fair play. In FIFA soccer (better known as football) four referees are charged with monitoring non-stop activity on a ‘pitch’ that is a larger field th … Read More

via Paul Kiser’s Blog

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