How Much Radiation Do Cell Phones Put Out?

How Much Radiation Do Cell Phones Put Out?

You carry one with you all the time. You may have more than one. Your cell phone is indispensable. It keeps you in contact. It is the center of your social life.

And it could be dangerous. Cell phones put out radiation. If you hear a computer, a radio, or a television set make strange noises, that’s some of the power the cell phone is throwing out.
How much radiation? Well, sometimes cell phone companies tell you. It can be on some inconspicuous place on the box or in the manual.

That’s really not fair. We have a right to know what we’re being exposed to.

One California legislator is trying to change that. Mark Leno has introduced a bill that requires disclosure of the radiation level. I like the idea. Other states, federal regulatory agencies and our fairly useless Congress ought to be protecting us.