Business Ethics?

Chris MacDonald has some insightful comments on what is meant by business ethics. He points out that you could also use the topic of corporate citizenship, stakeholder theory, the triple bottom line, corporate sustainability, etc. All of these cover part of the matter at hand: what is the right thing to do ethically? I believe that he wishes the subject title, business ethics, to be the primary one to simplify the field. I also use the phrase, business ethics, as the title and the subject of my blog. But what part of the field does mine cover? I aim heavily at corporate crime and let my indignation flourish at times.

This blog and what I want to do with it evolve over time. Keep watching.

MacDonald suggests that the Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics will provide some clarity to the field.

I hope he’s right. Ethical clarity is relatively rare and a tighter definition of our terms could at least move us in that direction.

James Pilant

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