Benjamin Franklin (via London Sideways)

This is an English web site discussing what has become of Franklin’s London lodgings in the intervening years. It celebrates Franklin, which leads me to believe that the little inconveniences of Franklin’s leadership in revolution and creation of a spy service against Britain have apparently been forgiven or forgotten. The link to the Franklin House is wonderful and I recommend you take a look at it. To my astonishment and delight, they have a piece of music you can listen to, that Franklin composed. So, to all of Franklin’s many accomplishments, I can add composer. I shouldn’t be surprised. What field of human endeavor did he not find interesting?

Benjamin Frankln first came to London as a young printer in 1725. He spent 18 months working for James Watts, whose printing shop was in Wild Court, St Giles. Wild Court is still there, now an alley behind the new City Lit. Some would say there is nothing there, but you try walking along Wild Court and tell  me there are no ghosts of it's past. During Victorian times it was a slum. Whilst working in Wild Court, Benjamin Franklin lodged nearby in … Read More

via London Sideways