Ethics Blog Round Up – 8/7/2010

Chis MacDonald has a new post about “wind turbine hush money.” Sounds like a catchy title to me. It seems that turbines are noisy and complaints could stifle the industry’s growth, so they are paying people what I consider a good amount of money to keep their complaints to themselves. You should read the post.

Lauren Bloom has the second in her series of avoiding workplace law suits. Today’s entry talks about health and safety rules. She discusses the recent mine disaster and mentions NPR’s coverage.

Tone at the top only counts when leaders use words that they believe in enough to live. So says, Gael O’Brien on her blog, This Week In Ethics. She discusses the resignation of Hewlett Packard’s CEO and his violations of HP’s Standards of Business Conduct.

Jonathan Tasini in his Blog, Working Life, has a scathing review of the recent “given pledge.” He’s almost as angry as I am. He discusses the monopolistic practices of these billionaires who made their money on the backs of the workers.