Success at Selling Less (via The Business Ethics Blog)

Chris MacDonald has an intriguing entry this time. He discusses the conundrum of goods which with some moderation pose little harm but without moderation can do great harm. He, then unwilling to dodge the difficult questions, asks what responsibility if any does the producer in these cases have. I would summarize what he has to say, but my poor powers of exposition are nowhere in the league of the writing itself. You should read it.

James Pilant

A few months ago, I posted about Pepsi promising to stop selling its sugary drinks to kids at school (see The Ethics of Selling Less.) I pointed out that there's a significant problem for a company that sells a product that, when consumed in moderation, is totally harmless, but which when over-consumed is dangerous. It's hard to know what counts as success. Moderation is a nice word, but it's a hard corporate goal. I'm interested in the general i … Read More

via The Business Ethics Blog