Is Slavery A Thing Of The Past – Not Yet

It appears that there is still a need for cheap plantation labor, enough demand and enough profit to reinvent slavery.

From the BBC

The Brazilian authorities say they have rescued 95 farm workers who were being kept in slave-like conditions in two south-eastern states, the official Agencia Brasil reports.

Forty-four workers at a sugar-cane plantation in Rio de Janeiro state were not registered and had no clean drinking water or safety equipment.

But that’s more the tip of the iceberg than a major step – From the BBC in 2004 –

At least 25,000 people are working as slave labourers in Brazil, according to a new report obtained by the BBC.

The study, carried out on behalf of the International Labour Organization, says workers are living in conditions unfit for animals.

The bulk of them are working in the Amazon region, clearing forest so the land can be used for cattle and crops.

The as yet unpublished report says members of the political elite are among the landowners responsible.

As we see over and over again, political elites use their influence to flout the law. Read this

The report does praise efforts by Brazil’s left-wing government to tackle the issue, but it says a culture of impunity persists where politicians and judges are among the landowners responsible for perpetuating slave labour.

This kind of injustice is dangerous for all free men. The profits that can be made off slave labor are enormous and the vicious mind set it produces in the privileged class bleeds over into the press, the schools and the government.

James Pilant