Andrew On Mortgage Foreclosure Lies

My friend, Andrew, once again displaying his usual knowledgeable approach adds to the discussion on my essay on the mortgage foreclosure crisis.

I live, and have a mortgage, in Georgia, which is a non-judicial foreclosure state. Here, the banks are required to register all mortgages in a computer system called MERS. I believe that stands for Mortgage Electronic Records Service or something along those lines. The bank has to input all information regarding all of its mortgages in Georgia into this system.

Whats scary is that if the MERS system sees a lapse in mortgage payments for an account, it can automatically initiate the foreclosure process. With Georgia being a non-judicial foreclosure state, its very hard to fight a foreclosure once it has begun.

Every now and then I hear about people here who make all of their payments on time, and the bank forgets to enter the payment information into MERS. MERS then initiates the foreclosure of the property, and the homeowners have to hire a lawyer to have the process stopped. Its scary to know that I can make all of my payments on time and do everything that I am suppose to, but if my account information happens to fall through the cracks due to a lack of diligence on the part of the bank, that I can be burned for it.

It is always good to have Andrew’s thoughts on a subject.

James Pilant

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