Obama Refuses To Sign Mortgage Bill

The President (against all my expectations) declined to sign a bill that would have provided those financial institutions protection from their use of robo signers and their violations of the law.

I am grateful to the President and surprised that I have an opportunity to be grateful to the President.

Now, lawsuits filed by Attorney Generals across the nation can continue. I predict 25 states will file lawsuits by the end of the year. Why? Because the kind of fines you can get from giant financial institutions for lying to the court system hundreds of thousands of times make it a big revenue raiser for the state and an upward leap in status for the state’s Attorney General who then can think about Congress or maybe a Governorship.

There is also this strange idea, that these companies, that these individuals in charge of these companies, no matter who they are, should face justice. I am as surprised to see this happen as you are. I am used to disappointment in the government and in private industry. Very used to it.

But today was different. Praise God! Today was different. I’ll treasure it.

James Pilant

(Please forgive my occasional bursts of religiosity. I know how offensive this stuff can sound since you usually here it in the context of pushing some strange social agenda. But I am a practicing Christian and on rare occasions I will refer to in this in my writing.)

One thought on “Obama Refuses To Sign Mortgage Bill

  1. Andrew

    Its your blog. Refer to religion how you see fit.

    I am glad he is vetoing this bill, but at the same time I am skeptical. I have yet to see a politician act in the interest of the people lately. From what I understand, he is not outright vetoing the bill. It is a pocket veto. I’m not sure what type of political significance this may have, but I’m convinced that almost every action in the White House is deliberate.

    Are we going to see this bill creep back up after the midterms? I think so.


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