Andrew Responds To The Post – The Vast Majority Of Foreclosures Were Done Correctly?

My post, The Vast Majority of Foreclosures were done Correctly?, received several responses.

As always, Andrew provides an excellent thoughtful addition to the discussion.

In my personal opinion, the number of botched foreclosures is not the issue. The issue is that it has happened beyond the scope of being a rare isolated incident.

In one of my sophomore level engineering classes, called Mechanics of Deformable Bodies, our final exam was to select the proper materials and geometries for each member of a standard, run of the mill, truss bridge. Each member was to be designed with a given safety factor in mind to protect against cyclic fatigue of the truss members.

I was about 3/4th of the way finished with my exam when one of my classmates got up, and turned in his exam. The professor had the proper design right in front of him. He quickly compared my classmates design with the proper design, and then told my classmate that he received an F on the exam. When my classmate challenged this, my professor pointed to one of the truss members and said “Your bridge will fail, you get an F.”

My classmate raised his voice in protest. He said,”Professor, I messed up on TWO truss members! TWO out of 24! I shouldn’t get an F for that!”

By this time, the whole class had stopped working on their exams and were all staring at the student and the professor. I will never forget what the professor told my classmate. He looked at the boy and said, “Tell that to the people who were on your bridge when it failed.”